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The Slow-Fashion Current

The Slow Fashion movement appeared in the 1980s. It originated from the protest movement against fast food. In fact, the fashion for “slow” emerges from the desire to slow down and invest in quality rather than quantity. The inspiration for this movement adapts to many spheres of human activity, be it food, fashion, television and even the economy.

Slow fashion is also a close relative of ethical fashion. These movements value quality products that will last over time instead of quantity which is often less durable and of poor quality. You will have understood that the eco-responsible approach is in the spotlight and promotes awareness of the environment, fair labor, recycling, and sustainable development.

Madame Sac’s practices fit directly into the paths traced by these schools of thought. By producing locally and on a small scale, we try to make people aware of the harmful consequences of mass production which often takes place thousands of kilometers away.

This type of practice harms the environment, among other things through the amount of waste and pollution caused by the transport of these goods. The fashion industry, that is, the one that is practiced on a large scale, is one of the most polluting.

Also, there is the mistreatment of workers in several countries, and it is to reject this form of exploitation that slow fashion was born.

And yes, to reduce our ecological footprint, it is good to recuperate, to create locally, to encourage craftsmen and the know-how here. To follow up on the Covid crisis, Madame Sac is continuing her mission with her feet in this current by offering you bags made here with her beautiful hand.


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