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The inspiration

Behind the unique creations that characterize Madame Sac’s workshop hides an accessories a creator and designer: Monique Dufresne. Bags, she loves them and it shows. Year in and year out, she explores the great classics of this accessory with passion. Her workshop-boutique is worth a look, you will find large, small and medium bags for all your activities at reasonable prices.

For Monique, the bag is a source of inspiration.

As for the beautiful and the useful side of the object, she manages to find an adequate balance. A bag is above all an object that can be carried and which floats around in the course of our steps. It travels the world with us and its primary use is to assemble scattered objects. In prehistoric times, man used to walk around with bundled belongings  to collect his precious tools: weapons, flint, kindling, etc. Since those immemorial times, the bag has served as a container and even today, it houses our modern survival items such as cellphones, laptops, tablets, etc. These accessories, which have become so to speak our kindling, deserve to be well protected and this is Madame Sac’s primary mandate.

And when Madame Sac creates a bag, she questions herself about its usefulness and she designs it for this purpose. She therefore offers different sizes of backpacks, briefcases, tote bags, handbags and wallets. Her products, robust and resistant, also focus on the aesthetic side.

Having learned to sew at a very young age, Monique created clothes for herself, while the local tailoring business was still respected and offered for many a panoply of occupations. At that time, with her sisters, she spent hours making dresses, pyjamas by rearranging the patterns that retailers sold. There were always several pieces of clothing in preparation on the worktable. My mother, as a conductor, advised us, helping us to overcome the most difficult stages.

Later, as an adult, Monique taught art history for over 20 years at Cegep du Vieux-Montréal. Throughout these years, she developed from scratch and put together a comprehensive 45 hour course on the history of leather. This very particular course focused exclusively on this type of material and its use over the centuries. The handbag, the travel case and tote bags of all kinds have therefore become the pivot, the guiding principle of this field of study. To put together this course, I researched diligently for over 5 years! At first glance, I wasn’t very enthusiastic and the subject put me off a little…. But after my many readings, I had the bug for this subject and while rubbing shoulders with my students, the dream of setting up my small workshop suddenly emerged.    It was also during these long studies that I developed an artistic eye for proportions, shapes and colors. The history of art takes us on a journey through eras, customs, know-how, and more. This subject and its history are fascinating and captivating because they tell so much about the customs and beliefs of people, and give us the opportunity to travel through a multitude of experiences.    Her workshop is worth a look. You will find unique and original bags there. Quality objects, carved with her beautiful hand, designed over time. Also, a few tailor-made options will be available to you. You will be delighted with your visit and in addition all the accessories and bags and the design, tailoring and production are 100% local. Hey, who says better in town?

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