A Minimalist and Sustainable Approach

When we talk about Madame Sac’s bags, we think above all of the utility and function of the object. Moreover, Madame Sac is inspired, among other things, by Japanese aesthetics. She enjoys the refined appearance that can characterize their art. Only subtle details make up the beauty or balance of the object. This distribution of volumes and elements, this delicate stability allows the aesthetics to be fully appreciated, and this accent is one of the guidelines of Madame Sac’s style.

This designer and creator loves leather for its elasticity, for its resistance and for its beauty, but like many she hates animal cruelty. This is unacceptable, she says. This is why she explores other materials. She also works with cork, fabric, oilcloth and wool felt.

The cotton canvas she uses is dyed by herself and sometimes she goes so far as to paint patterns and then she waxes the fabric to give the material greater resistance. It’s a long process, she says. She likes to work with these different materials, but for her, leather remains an incomparable material with unique properties: elasticity, malleability, irregular grains, extreme resistance, etc.

My most elaborate bag is the Léonard bag or the briefcase. It includes more than 60 pieces. Each piece is cut, assembled, adjusted, glued, then sewn with meticulous care. I love assembling this bag, it’s an exercise in skill, a nice puzzle.


Madame Sac loves to combine textures and colors.  A vibrant shade transforms the look and appearance of a bag. A red illuminates and energizes a room. With this shade, a bag can turn into an imperishable jewel! An orange, an emerald green or a pink can do just as well. Her range of colors varies enormously. You will also find softer shades and other more classic ones like black, brown, and beige.    With her large tote bags, she’s having fun. She plays with the texture of different materials and colors. Then, she continues this approach with smaller formats for the briefcases and backpacks.   Madame Sac takes great pleasure in modifying her bags, even if they have the same name. She alters them in several ways: with or without a pocket, with or without handles, then she adds another texture, and this little game goes on endlessly.    The diversity of the shapes, the formats, the handles, the clasps, trapezoids and curves of this accessory can give the blues to anyone who thinks they are sane! And it is this diversity that enchants Madame Sac. As you can see, she is fully nourished by this creative process.

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