Regular Wallet-Purse

160 $

Madame Sac’s Wallet-Purse is a wallet that can also be used as a handbag. With its strap, it can be worn as a shoulder bag. Also it can become a waist bag by using the shoulder strap as a belt. Then it can be carried simply by hand, or even become a wallet at the bottom of your bag. So, as you can see, this item can be worn in 5 ways: by hand, at the waist, on the shoulder, crossed over on the chest or at the bottom of your bag.

The choice is yours … whatever, you will be spoiled for choice! The Regular Wallet-Purse and the Wallet-Purse Plus are made in exactly the same way. They have exactly the same pouches. The only difference is in the thickness of the Wallet-Purse. The Regular measures 22 cm wide by 12 cm high. Its thickness is 3.5 cm. On the other hand, the Plus is also 22 cm wide by 12 cm high, but its thickness is 7 cm, which is double

This elegant wallet is made of leather. The interior is lined in leather. It closes with a pretty silver clasp.

Under the flap of the Wallet-Purse, there is a zippered pocket on the front of the wallet and another inside the wallet. The latter fits between two open pockets. Inside the back interior of the wallet, you can place up to 6 clearly visible cards.

160 $

Available colours
Black Red
Clear selection

7.75 X 6 X 1.5 inches


Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, Red


Each piece of leather is unique. Because of this, colours and textures of each handmade bag may vary slightly from the illustrations.

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