Monique Dufresne

Farewell Mom

I often went to see my mother at Maison Victor Gadbois. This house located in Beloeil offers exceptional care to people with terminal cancer. Mom was one of the lucky ones to live out her last days at Maison Victor Gadbois. She was staying in a peaceful room. Mom had pancreatic cancer. Supporting a dying […]

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The Slow-Fashion Current

The Slow Fashion movement appeared in the 1980s. It originated from the protest movement against fast food. In fact, the fashion for “slow” emerges from the desire to slow down and invest in quality rather than quantity. The inspiration for this movement adapts to many spheres of human activity, be it food, fashion, television and

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The inspiration

Behind the unique creations that characterize Madame Sac’s workshop hides an accessories a creator and designer: Monique Dufresne. Bags, she loves them and it shows. Year in and year out, she explores the great classics of this accessory with passion. Her workshop-boutique is worth a look, you will find large, small and medium bags for

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